3 Issues Affecting Academic Performance

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jan 10 , 2017


Online education is becoming popular these days. It offers flexibility and convenience to learn at any time and from anywhere. However, the dropout rates are higher than the enrolling rates. Students struggling to cope in an online learning environment are often tempted to quit.

Here are some common issues affecting students’ academic performance

1. Lack of support

Some students do not get any support from their instructors or peer group. Students in an asynchronous class log in at different times. Not everyone can study on their own. Everybody needs help at some point. If help is not available, they become depressed or disappointed.

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2. Poor study habits

Mostly working professionals struggle to balance both work and an online class. They often miss due dates and fail to focus on course assessments, and subsequently, their grades turn bad. In order to succeed in online classes, create a schedule and stick to it. Self-motivation and good time management skills are the two success secrets in virtual classes.

3. Poor preparation

It’s important to know about the topic in advance and take notes before listening to video lectures. Otherwise, you may struggle to understand the concept. This also helps during discussion boards. Disengagement in discussion boards leads you being out of the loop.

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