3 Questions To Ask Before Taking Up An Online Course

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Jeff Black On Jan 12 , 2016

With millions of students taking up online courses, the debate is no longer about the effectiveness of online courses vis-à-vis conventional learning. Both of these learning mediums can co-exist and event complement each other- face –to- face learning has advantages that online learning cannot provide, but online learning offers advantages that conventional learning can never afford. It is for the student to analyze and determine a medium that’ right for him. Here are three questions that students ought to ask before taking up an online course:

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It is a good idea to take your course online:

Not all courses are effective in the online platform. For example, courses like sociology, humanities, art appreciation, physical wellness, etc. do not require too much guidance from the professor and can be completed online. But some courses like language, English, medicine, etc. need the hands-on approach with extra support from the professor. They’re not ideal for the online learning. Look around and check if friends who’ve taken up your course on the online platform have benefitted or not. How did the university make up for the absence of physical presence while answering doubts?

Are you the right candidate for online learning?

Online learning needs dedication and commitment. Are you a self-motivated and disciplined person? Do you plan every little detail of the day and make sure to stick to your schedule? Do you insist on completing tasks as soon as they are assigned or do you procrastinate? When there’s an issue or a problem and you need homework help, do you go out and seek help, or prefer to solve it yourself?

Can you proactively seek homework help when you can’t meet deadlines?

Online courses are exhausting. Before you know, there’d be a huge pile of assignments, tasks, and homework staring at you every night. Despite your best effort it is possible that you may miss deadlines. To stay on track, smart students prefer to hire experts who can do their homework for them. Can I hire someone for homework help? Yes, you can! And not just homework, but our experts can help you with assignments, tests, projects, and even discussion boards.