4 Awesome Tips For Anyone Saying, “Help Me Write My Essays

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Jeff Black On Dec 13 , 2018

help me write my essays

Thousands of online students sign up for online classes every semester, all with the dream of pursuing a quality education and achieving a degree which will help them rise through the ranks and build a great career. Unfortunately, many online students find out the hard way that online education is not as easy as it seems. Of course, there are many advantages of online education, but there are also a number of drawbacks and pitfalls for students who enroll in courses without researching them beforehand. Did you know that the drop-out rate for online students is staggeringly high, and possibly increasing every semester?

One of the reasons that so many students struggle with online classes is because they struggle to write. Essays and papers are some of the most common assignments given to students, and they can prove to be difficult tasks. You might think that you’re a great writer or just good enough to score a passing grade, but you might not realize that achieving such a grade is more difficult when you’re doing it on your own. For all of the advantages of online education, one of the biggest things that hamstrings students is the lack of resources they’re provided for online classes. Unlike at regular colleges, there are no writing labs to attend at online colleges, and meeting with professors to discuss the merits of your papers is easier said than done when they’re only available over email.

These are just some of the reasons so many online students end up thinking, “Can anyone help me write my essays?” Online Class Help has compiled a list of four awesome tips which will assist online students for their writing assignments. We’ve sourced this list by speaking with all the students who have called us saying, “I need you to help me write my papers.”

1: Brainstorm

Many online students don’t even know where to start when it comes to their essays and papers. They have been given a prompt by the professor, but they don’t know how to compile all the information they need in order to develop a quality thesis. Often, these students give up before they even get started. But you can help yourself by learning some helpful brainstorming techniques to get the mind moving in the right direction. For instance, if you’re thinking, “Please, help me write my essays,” try making a list of everything you know about the topic at hand. There’s probably a lot of reading material you’ve covered in the class which pertains to the topic. Put all of that information in one list. There’s also probably a lot of material you overlooked during the course of the class. That’s OK, but put that down in another list. Now you know what you need to go over.

There are a number of other brainstorming techniques can apply, like making certain helpful diagrams, performing free association exercises, and simply allowing yourself to write what you know without being too harsh on the outcome. It is always possible to send a draft to your professor in advance for feedback. Likewise, you can always call Online Class Help to ask, “Can you help me write my essays?”

2: Speak with Classmates

Interaction between online students is definitely less apparent than interaction in traditional in-class courses. That said, the students who do interact in online classes may be decidedly more ambitious than their traditional student counterpars. Think about it: It takes very little effort for students who sit right next to each other everyday to have a discussion about a class topic. It takes a lot more effort, though, to reach out to another student when you don’t live near one another and may not even personally know them. Forging an academic relationship online takes work, but the results can be extremely beneficial for students. If you’ve been assigned a paper or research essay by your professor, one of the first things you should consider doing is reaching out to another student to discuss the material and help one another develop a thesis. Be honest with them and say, “Listen, can you help me write my paper?” You might be surprised to hear them asking the same thing.

Speak with Classmates

Online discussion forums are a great place to weed out which students are worth talking to and which are not. These online conversations will have been going on for a number of weeks before any essay is assigned, and that will give you a good amount of material to review so you decide which students are taking the class seriously. Reach out to one you admire and see if a beneficial relationship can be formed without too much effort.

3: Read More

This one might sound too obvious to be true, but all real practicing writers will agree that there is no better training for writing than reading. Very often in the modern world, people lack the time to read long novels and scientific papers which will help them develop quality writing skills, but if you’re an online student who values your education, steeping yourself in serious literature is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We know that online students are some of the busiest people around, with committments not only to school but to work and family, but this also means they’re some of the most capable people. Ambition and capability go hand in hand. Start telling yourself what you can do rather than what you can’t. Positive language goes a long way in changing your mindset.

We not only recommend that you read material which is related to your coursework, but material which is quite different as well. The more language you absorb, the better your personal language will be, and the easier it will be to produce written material that will impress your professor. Expand your horizons and read material you never thought you would read before. If you’re taking a class in the sciences, read material belonging to the humanities. And vice versa. When people call us and tell us, “I need you to help me write my essays,” this is one of the first things we recommend doing.

4: Calm Your Mind

A lot of online students who struggle with writing work themselves up so much that they can’t even begin the assignment. These are the students who drop out early and never give themselves the chance to succeed. Anxiety is a big killer when it comes to education, whether it is online education or traditional education. You’d be surprised the amount you can improve as a student and as a writer simply by learning some meditative techniques to lessen your daily anxiety so that negativity doesn’t hold your ability in a vice-grip. Read about exercises like breath meditation, or mantra meditation, or consider involving yourself in a nearby yoga class. While you might roll your eyes at this recommendation, you’re really only rolling your eyes at yourself. Anxiety is a real factor which limits students abilities to produce valuable academic work. Refusing to challenge your anxiety is the same as accepting failure.

When you’re assigned your next paper, before you shout from the treetops, “Help me write my essays!” think about what you can do personally to make the task more achievable. Develop exercises which build a can-do, positive attitude. When you lower the volume of those anxious little voices inside you, you give room for your actionable self to move forward.

Do you have any more tips which might help students who are also asking, “Can you help me write my essays?” Share them with us here or call us to see how we can provide academic assistance for more than 100 subjects.