4 Tips To Build Focus And Increase Productivity When Doing Homework

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 29 , 2016


How good are you at focusing on a given task when studying? How many times have you successfully managed distractions? Online students juggling work or family and academics are often very poor at staying focused. They’re either too tired, or too busy to concentrate on a single task. Here are four tips to help you build focus and increase productivity while doing homework:

• Break your homework into small manageable tasks:

Divide your homework into minor tasks to help you prioritize. Choose the one that deserves the bulk of your attention; either by way of grade weight or urgency. This technique helps if you have a time crunch and need to get the most important tasks get done first.

• Set a time limit for each task:

Assign a deadline before which you intend to complete the said task. This will keep you away from distractions. Reward or punish yourself for completing or missing the deadline. Setting up a time limit creates psychological pressure because you’ve externalized your goal and end up feeling bad for failing.

• Keep distractions at bay:

Block distractions like social media or YouTube. There are apps that help you block them for a specific period. Keep a piece of paper close to you. Every time you’re distracted, write it down and decide to take action on it later. Again, you’ve externalized the distraction giving you time to focus on the work at hand.

• Seek help:

Every time you force yourself to resist temptation, you are less likely to be motivated to focus on the following tasks. You have to give yourself a break. You can either ask a friend to manage a homework assignment or hire us to complete it for you. ‘Wow! Can I pay someone to do my homework’ you ask? Yes, you can.

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