4 Ways Technology Influences Today’s College Education

Posted by
Jeff Black On Apr 20 , 2018

Influence Online Learning

College campuses are very different from what they were a few years ago, thanks to the use of technology in higher education. Most students find technology to be a powerful tool in the classroom, for both social as well as academic reasons. Easy access to internet, computers, and smartphones have opened the doors of higher learning to everyone. Listed here are a few ways technology is revolutionizing today’s education.


Attending lectures while at home via pre-recorded or live videos has changed the traditional method of learning. Online video recordings of lectures as well as webinars have made education more flexible, efficient and effective.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

LMS software allows universities and educational institutions to plan, assess, facilitate, implement, and monitor students’ learning processes. By centralizing educational content, resources, and course preparation, LMS assists universities in delivering and tracking various student activities including discussions and collaboration, which in return helps calculate and present grades for students.

Collaboration platforms (For group and remote work)

Online collaboration platforms are being extended to most courses, making educational content more dynamic, accessible and flexible. The platform provides students with more freedom to interact with each other when working on assessments and projects.

Data Visualization/Big Data

Data analysis has always been a vital part of higher education, and now by combining it with mobile technology, universities are providing new ways for students to grasp the concepts they are learning. Also, by using data visualization or big data in education, universities can turn these datasets into commercially viable ideas.

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