5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Online Discussion Forum

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 10 , 2018

What Not To Do In An Online Discussion

Online discussions not only offer students an opportunity to interact with other students, but they also help give an in-depth knowledge of the subject. However, its effectiveness largely depends on student participation and everyone following the directions laid down by the instructor/moderator. Here are a few things you shouldn’t do while in an online discussion forum:

Not read instructions:

At the beginning of every discussion, the instructor lays down instructions that the students should follow. This could include the topic that should be discussed, issues that are out of context and shouldn’t be actively discussed, the frequency of the post, the last date for comments, etc. During the beginning of the course, students are given an outline of the college’s expectations during an online discussion. You are told when to post, the appropriate length of the comment, how often to post, etc. Sometimes, students add a valuable comment but lose points for crossing the word limit.

Not rechecking the content before posting:

Before you post a comment, read it carefully to make sure the content portrays your intent correctly and that you aren’t unintentionally rude. A wrong tone could offend peers. S

Using SMS Slang:

Slang words like LOL, FYI, etc, shouldn’t be used in online discussion forums. They look unprofessional. The same goes for smileys. Using humor in discussion boards can be tricky. You could end up being seen as opinionated, or worse, as someone with a superiority complex. Unlike face-to-face interactions, online discussions are open to interpretation and could offend people.

If you are still not sure about managing a discussion, call us to ask, ‘Can you take my online class?