8 Study Environments That Enhance Your Focus

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 17 , 2016


Finding a good location to study is one of the keys to effective learning. Here are eight study environments that can improve your concentration.


The library offers a quiet environment with various study options, including individual cubicles, group study rooms, couches, as well as learning resources like books and free wifi.

Your Car

Surprised? It’s true. It’s a quiet and distraction free area so that you can concentrate on your studies — assuming, of course, you’re parked! You can listen to the radio or your CDs so your environment feels more personalized.

Your Room

Your bedroom is also an ideal location to study. All your course materials can be accessed quickly and there aren’t so many distractions — except your bed.

A Local Museum

A museum is a peaceful and inspiring place to be in, so studying there will be easy and relaxing.

A Coffee Shop

This is a great place to go for free wifi, some caffeine, and even a snack. Freelancers spend most of their time in coffee shops doing work, so you’ll fit right in.

A park

What’s more relaxing than being in a park? Feel the wind blow through the trees as you study for that test that’s coming up tomorrow.

Where ever you decide to study, make sure the location is comfortable and distraction-free.

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