Are Online Classes Easier than Traditional Classes?

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Jeff Black On Jan 23 , 2020

It’s no news that online classes have taken the education sector by storm. You can take cooking lessons, learn an instrument, earn a professional degree—you can basically study anything, provided you have a computer and a steady internet connection. Most students pick up online classes with the mentality that signing up for an online class is easier than pursuing a degree the traditional way, but are online classes really easier?

While it’s true online classes provide students with many luxuries, online classes are in no way easier than their traditional counterparts. In fact, some online classes might be more difficult than traditional ones. As a student aspiring to get into an online school, you should be aware of the rigors you might encounter; mentally brace yourself for the challenges that may be ahead. For instance, you must know how to write down the correct answers on your assignments. As easy as that may sound, it’s a major determining factor in how high or low your grades are. What other things should you know? Read on!

Multiple Assignments

In any educational system—online or traditional—assignments are used as yardsticks to gauge students’ understanding of a particular topic or subject. Teachers often resort to handing out assignments when they’re filling in grades at the end of a course.

Online classes are no different. In fact, in an online class, chances are you will get more assignments than if you were in a traditional class. This makes a lot of sense given that most online instructors don’t have the privilege of visually assessing students, so they often have to resort to issuing lots of assignments.

These assignments collectively make up a significant portion of your end-of-semester grade.

It’s up to you to devise strategies for gaining high grades, but you won’t regret your time spent doing this. Unfortunately, unless you know how to find homework answers on the internet, most assignment questions require knowledge and application to answer them correctly.

How to Get Answers for Homework Online

Are college classes easy in terms of homework given? Most likely. You know how to use Google, right? Who doesn’t? Anyway, the answers to most questions might be just a Google search away. It is possible, however, to come across wrong answers and answers written by persons who have zero knowledge of what they’re talking about. This is why I would rather pay someone to do my homework instead of relying on random, unverified answers.​ At least I would be certain the person handling my questions is a specialist.

In Terms of Self-Discipline, Are Online Classes Easier?

The internet has many positives, but it’s also true that it presents a lot of distractions. Social media trending posts, blog posts regarding the latest fashion, a digital message from mom, and updates about the next football match are all common now because of the internet. Given that most of your classes require internet access to participate, it’ll be easy to get distracted and lose sight of why you picked up the computer in the first place.

It requires conscious effort and every ounce of self-discipline and commitment you have to deny yourself of these pleasures and remain focused.

Traditional classes, on the other hand, are more physical in nature, so it’s difficult to get distracted by your phone when your professor is standing right next to you to lecture.

Aren’t There Any Advantages?

Of course, there are. First is the luxury of self-paced learning. You get the privilege of choosing when and how you learn. How fun is that? Super fun! Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you have to account for work with your schooling schedule? There will always be a flexible schedule available to you.

Reduced costs, better understandings, learning from the comfort of your room, and many other reasons should cause you to consider picking up an online class. As long as you can find correct homework answers and master the art of self-discipline, your online course will be much easier than a traditional, in-person class.

Now decide for yourself: are online classes easier or harder?