The Benefits of Online Learning For Introverted Students

Posted by
Jeff Black On Sep 27 , 2019

The general rule of thumb when learning is: use what you know to understand what you don’t know. Or; Use what you like to understand what you don’t like. When you decide to teach introverted students with the aid of an internet-based method, that’s exactly what you’d have achieved.

Here is how online learning for introverted students is beneficial:

Reach Out To Them

How lovely would it be if someone could realize your strengths, capitalize on them and develop them? As a teacher, this should be part of your aim- recognizing the strength of every student. Introverted students find it harder in relating when it comes to face-to-face conversations; So, a classroom style of teaching might not be their thing. Luckily, the internet comes in.

With the internet., these students would find it easier to relate with you, communicate better, ask questions more and of course, learn better.

Less Fear Of Failure

While I was in high school, a friend of mine was an introvert. This guy occasionally had bouts of depression and low self-esteem. So, whenever he wanted to relate with classmates, he drew back; Not to mention asking the teacher questions. In fact, there was some time he needed some Spanish homework help. Guess what? He didn’t ask for help. Yeah…

I don’t mean to say all introverts have low self-esteem, but nobody wants to fail in front of others. Teachings in lecture theaters expose them to these risks, so they hold back from asking questions and eventually end up with some misunderstanding. To tackle this, online learning makes it easier to override the thought of failing- making them more expressive.


Introverts are more likely to become involved in discussion when ideas can stand apart from the person sharing them and are judged on merit without consideration for presentation. The content of the discussion is most important, not how it’s presented or who communicates it. This is simple reasoning: if nobody knows it is me, why fear?

Peer-To-Peer Interactions

Online learning for introverted students does not mean these guys don’t talk in reality, they do interact but to a few numbers of people. Expectedly, most of these lucky set of people are individuals between their age range. It would be easier to communicate with someone who is in the same phase of life as you are than someone who is almost twice your age. In an online environment, the structure of discussions determines if students perceive these interactions as merely course requirements or true opportunities to flesh out ideas with fellow learners.

More Writing, Less Talking

Introverts usually have trouble speaking in public, even when they speak- they resort to low-tuned voices. The trouble of having to speak lengthy words; -and in some cases, certain required languages- is eliminated. So, they get to understand what they are taught better without fear of criticism.

More classroom activities require more talking and less writing. However, with introverts, it is the other way around. By default, everyone would prefer writing to talking. Reason being: when you write you get to process each word. You could even edit your messages to make sure there are no mistakes. For introverts, this would definitely be the best option.

Online Courses Could Be Spiced Up By Gaming

The extremely serious atmosphere of a lecture hall would do no good to introverts; Instead- get them bored. Since they don’t relate to people all too well, often, they resort to games. Bringing this aspect of their lives into their studies would lead to outstanding performances.

Furthermore, gaming coupled with studying brings out the competitive spirit in them. Tell me a better feeling than getting to progress through each stage and finally emerging in the winner. Absolute fun!

Wrapping Up

For introverted individuals, relating with people doesn’t just catch their fancy. Online learning could do more for them than you can imagine. Try it out!