College Rules: Top Advice from… Anyone but Your ‘Rents

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 19 , 2013

Ahhhhh, college – Preparing to leave the nest? Sites like Kaplan, College Board and other wholesome resources are inundating you with information on how to do well when you finally get to that elusive place of freedom called “college,” where you take classes when you want, how you want, or not at all if you want! The data flooding your inbox is backed by researchers who observe college students performance like entomologists watch ant farms. The cold, stony, heavily-gloved-and-censored details are geared to one group only: your panicked parents. There’s little pertinent data that these college advisors or “informative resources” divulge on the “college experience” that is actually mean to benefit YOU.

This week, Ask Men assembled a college slideshow to benefit you, the person experiencing college for the first time. From great tips on being prepared for “sleepovers” (you know what that means), to not telling your parents what your grades are (you should know better!), this list was definitely meant to help out the actual, in-hungover-your-head college student. Read the other 6 tips in the article here>>