Creative Essay Writing Tips For College Students

Posted by
Jeff Black On Feb 20 , 2018

Creative Essay

Creative essay writing is one of the most open-minded writing styles that a student will encounter in high school or college. When writing creative essays, your job is to create a story – one that has an interesting and compelling path.

Obviously, for any creative essay, you will only need to choose a topic for your work. There are no topic restrictions; you have to be creative. Sometimes, your professor may narrow down the topics into an individual category, where you should create your own path. With that being said, here are some fresh creative essay topics to make selection easier.

• Explain an event in your life

• Express your thoughts in a creative way

• Design a story in which one person’s belief helped reform society

• Present a scenario in which technology controls all

Now that we have a solid foundation to build a story, here’s how to write them.

Choose Your Topic/Subject

Focus on the subject that you would like to write about. You don’t have to be well-versed in the topic, instead pick a subject that intrigues you but also interesting enough to grab the attention of readers.

Do Some Research

Even if you have chosen a subject, it’s always important to investigate further. Whenever you study an issue, you’ll find new topics and key points. Include them in your creative work. Use several sources and mix them to create the best story ever.

Plan Out The Essay

How, what, when, where, who and why are the five questions that must be answered while typing your story. Make sure that a precise setting is introduced and keep your audience tuned into the story. Remember that dull writing and boredom can be your worst enemies. Formatting the article ahead of time allows for a clear thought process and provides an excellent preview of the essay.

Record Ideas

As you spend time working on the story, it’s a good idea to keep a small journal with you. Sometimes, new thoughts and ideas will come into your mind that could potentially improve the quality and style of your essay. Even if it doesn’t fit, save them for later use. This variety will help you create something exceptional.

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