Do My Homework: Why Do Students Seek Experts To Help With Online Class

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Jeff Black On Nov 17 , 2015

There’s a lot of debate about how online cheating undermines effectiveness of the online learning platform. While some discuss about ethics and academic integrity, others identify technology used to detect fraud. Sadly, none discuss about an effective yet cheap and old-fashioned way to curb cheating- to help students love learning. To those who’re still caught up in the ethical debate, here’s why students cheat:

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Universities conform to the societal rule that grades are all important:

Some of the best universities in the world place a lot of importance on grades- they determine a student’s success or failure. Students are not encouraged to learn, but to prepare for the competition that lies ahead of them. With so much stress on grades, it is natural for the student to cheat and get good grades, rather than remain honest and fail.

Students have little or no control over the schedule:

Online courses are flexible, but rigorous as well. Tests, exams, assignments, discussions, etc. are crammed within a short period of time. For example, a typical statistics course by the University of Phoenix requires students to complete about six posts every week. An average student juggling work, family, and academic commitments cannot possibly manage all of these singlehandedly and yet get the required grades.

Little or no help offered to students:

Online courses are for students who do not hesitate to clarify doubts with instructors. And even help is sought it is impractical for the instructor to help all his students. They’re more or less left to their own without help.
Let me tell you, academic cheating isn’t new- students have resorted to cheating one way or the other. But yes, the internet does make cheating easy. For example, I can now hire someone to take my online class when I don’t have the time to do it on my own. I can also hire someone to do my homework or complete an assignment that I find to be boring.