Do We Really Need Homework: Assessing The Pros And Cons

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jan 16 , 2017


The concept of homework has been around since the existence of school. And so has the controversy surrounding the need for them. Does homework really help students? While there are statistics to prove that they do, there’s another group of study that claims the opposite.

Yes, homework helps:

A review of over 60 research studies on homework between 1978 and 2003 has helped Duke University researchers conclude that homework definitely has a positive influence on students. It helps them understand the concept clearly and apply the knowledge. It shows exactly how much progress they’ve made and gives students an opportunity to correct their mistakes before an exam. Besides the obvious academic benefits, there’s also the fact that homework teaches students the importance of deadline. It makes them responsible and fosters independence. All of these are life skills, and very important for a successful career.

Nope, homework does not help:

Homework helps only when its intended purpose is served, i.e. it re-enforces the work done in a class, acts as a bridge between earlier and current concepts, and challenges students enough to delve deep into the subject. But this is hardly the case – they’re primarily assigned to keep students busy. This is a problem that’s very typical of MOOCs. The sheer volume of students makes it impossible for instructors to offer effective feedback, thereby reducing the entire process to a mere formality. Successful online courses are designed to encourage in-depth analysis. This is done through discussion posts, essays and project assignments.

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