Dominating Finals: It’s Not All About Studying

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 8 , 2013

It’s November – Thanksgiving holidays and subsequent cramming are just a few weeks away. We’ve been hunting for the best ways to get the most out of your diminishing time…

So we turned to those who fight their way through one of the most rigorous programs offered in American education: law students. Need real formulas for working smarter and playing harder? Here is the best way to prep for finals, take your finals, and get ahead of your class in the little ways that speak volumes. The best part? Your professor would NEVER recommend these. That’s how you know they’re good.

Our top 3 favs:

1. DO outline – at least a little bit. That way, when you have some days but are missing others, “you won’t come off as a complete mooch when you ask someone to ‘compare’ outlines.”

DON’T post facebook requests for someone else’s outline. That makes you look like a loser and charity case.

2. DO go to classes leading up to exams. These are the ones professors pay close attention to, and get little thrills putting on exams.

DON’T worry about the professor calling on you. Yeah, you may not have the answer, but it’s November. Look like an idiot in front the half of the class that showed up, and most are too busy hallucinating on Redbull hangovers, looking like an whiz is more likely to land you a top rank on your friend’s hit list than your professor’s s/hit list.

3. DO go out for some drinks – ESPECIALLY on Thursday or Friday. You need to relax, so scoring and getting your drink on are top tools for keeping you on task to power through the volley of test-taking you’re about to take

DON’T “Go out for a few drinks” – taking time off from studying to “reward” yourself or “study at the bar” is an impossible joke of multi-tasking that leads to rejection from your peers who are ACTUALLY trying to have a drink, and most likely party fever that lands you in hangover hell on Sunday. The porcelain gods will not bless you on finals day, friend.

Those are just a few of the great tips we learned from D-Man on Post Grad Problems. Read the rest here, they’re worth their weight in Vyvanse.