Five amazing on-campus jobs

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 8 , 2013

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Are your parents making you get a job even when you don’t have a car with you at school? Your best solution then would be to find an awesome on-campus job.

On-campus jobs are great for numerous reasons. For instance, you get your workout in by walking to class; you meet a bunch of really cool people who just happen to be fellow classmates (or hot senior guys or freshmen girls); and you make more money by not having to spend money on gas.

Below is a list of the best on-campus jobs for college students.

1. Campus Tour Guide

Okay, guys this is your ticket to the hot freshmen girls I mentioned earlier. If you’re a campus tour guide, then you will be showing potential freshmen and their families the campus you call home. These impressionable freshmen will be looking up to you to show them their way, and because of this they will be ogling over the cool upperclassmen.

2. Room Advisor (RA)

At first I thought an RA was a lame job… until I found out they get a dorm room all to themselves and the university pays for their living which is outrageously expensive.

It’s not like the RA’s job is demanding either. All you have to do is some room checks and one to two-night shifts. This job even allots you the time to undertake a second job (but why you would want to do that is beyond me).

3. Gym Consultant

Working at the gym is an ideal place to meet people, and if you like to work out then people who have similar interests to you.

All you have to do is walk around the gym, and talk to people. How much easier can it get?

4. IT Support

I met a great guy at the computer lab. He was paid to teach me how to use computer software, i.e. Adobe Creative Suite. This kid is brilliant and cute, and now we’re great friends.

5. Dean’s secretary

Want to get in good with the dean of your college? Then apply to be his or her secretary. Once again this job is a great way to meet fellow students as well because they will be coming in and out of this office with questions and looking for directions.

Where do you work on campus? Let us know in the comments below!