Five of the Best Online Course Platforms You Can Choose From

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Jeff Black On Mar 2 , 2020

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How important is personal development? Extremely! This in part explains why online courses have become so popular: many people are choosing to enroll in amazing courses that advance academic, personal, and professional goals.

It’s true, however, that because of both limited research and vast amounts of misinformation on the net, choosing the right online education platform can be extremely difficult. An ideal platform is one that helps you achieve personal development through useful courses, and an ideal platform is also one that’s easy to navigate and use.

Have you ever said to yourself: “I want someone to take my online courses because I am too busy to do so.” If so, then you need to know which online education platforms allow for this. Below we talk about five online education platforms that students trust, and you should read through these points to expand your knowledge base with useful information.


Udemy is a well-organized platform that has successfully established a place of prominence in the sphere of online education.

And in the area of cost-effectiveness, Udemy gets a thumbs up! It’s common to find masterclasses on other platforms that cost $20, but often these classes provide students with no great value. On Udemy it’s a different story. For $10, you get access to a masterclass, which means for $10 you get access to amazing content, some of which could very well change your life!

And for beginners who are interested in exploring the world of online learning, Udemy runs some free courses that are great to take advantage of. Although some classes can be soft in terms of the content they provide, all classes are definitely worth it.


Since its inception in 2012, this platform has served a lot of users well. You could also refer to Coursera as one of the only free online course platforms; it’s true, however, that there is some premium material on here. The thing that’s so nice about Coursera is that it offers a wide spectrum of languages, including Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, Chinese, Russian, and non-traditional versions of Chinese. With Coursera, there’s no language barrier when it’s time to learn, so you can have someone else take your online course for you. Furthermore, the range of courses available on Coursera is expansive. From biology and engineering to humanities and everything in between, if you want to improve your skills in the realm of academics, you should start using Coursera.

When it comes to teaching practical, high-income-earning skills like photography and coding, this site can be incredibly useful.

Lynda is a subscription-based service. Some courses are free, but you need to pay and subscribe to get real valuable content. Once you sign up, you’ll be required to enter your credit card information, and then you’ll be given access to a free 10-day trial. Take part in some intense online learning during this time! Few platforms are offering such a great deal. Basically, you pay $25 per month if you’re on the monthly plan, and $20 per month if you choose the yearly plan.

The quality of the videos on this site is superb, and you’ll have the option to view things offline. Again, the courses are quite interactive, so you should take advantage of this!


Docebo makes learning management easier by facilitating informal online learning. From course training and group chats to appropriate exams and forums, you’ll have all you need to develop great skills. The courses are very engaging!


As one of the best online learning platforms out there, EdX provides students with a wide range of subjects to choose from. In as much as EdX focuses primarily on STEM courses, there are still courses under communication, law, and language that are quite useful.

EdX can be costly for some students. Here’s what I mean: there are Audit tracts and Verified tracts on EdX, and while technically both tracts offer the same content, the Audit tracts are free while the Verified tracts are not. Here’s the thing: when you get a verified track, you get a lot of benefits, including a certificate of completion, unlimited course access, and graded assessments. Audit tracts, on the other hand, don’t provide all these goodies.


Online courses offer a lot of flexibility, something that’s often unavailable in formal, in-person classes. For this reason, you can have someone take your online courses on any of these platforms if you are hard-pressed for time. It’s a big win because you’d get a certificate even if you didn’t have the time to fully concentrate on your classes.