Five tips for online classes

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 15 , 2013

online class

Students who take online classes have to be highly motivated and self-directed to succeed in the course.

Online classes are very similar to traditional classes in that there are lectures (sometimes), homework, discussions, and exams. While they are similar online classes, do require a little more attention. Here is a list of tips and tricks to help you succeed in your online class.

1. Read the syllabus before class starts.

It is vital that you read the syllabus before the start of the semester. Take all of the important dates and schedule them in your digital calendar.

2. Have the required materials.

This means not only having a computer but also having a secure Internet connection. What if I can’t afford wifi? Don’t worry. Go to Starbucks or Panera Bread. Also, make sure you have the book(s) or check to see if the book(s) is online.

3. Use your school’s resources.

Your school most likely has a career center, tutoring center and a library. Use these resources to succeed in your online class. (The library probably has wifi also).

4. Utilize the class directory.

Somewhere in your online course there should be a student directory. See if you know anyone in your online class and create a study group. Even if you don’t know anyone, send out a mass email to see if anyone would be interested in getting together to work on the class together.

5. Have a clean and organized study environment.

It is important to make sure that not only your desk stays clean but also your computer desktop.

Do you have any tips for online students? Tell us in your comments.