Four Tips To Prepare You For Summer Classes

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jun 18 , 2013

If you are a college freshman, you are probably eager to enroll in summer classes because that means freedom like you have never experienced before. And if you aren’t then you know summer classes can be way harder than those taken during the spring and fall semesters.

Typically, students enroll in two classes per summer semester because 12-week courses are crammed into four to six weeks. Knowing this it is best to prepare for summer classes before they ever start. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your summer classes.

1. Check out

If you haven’t already done so then I highly suggest you visit to see what you got yourself into this semester. Even if you find out that you have a horribly difficult professor it’s not too late. Just try to drop or swap the class for one with an easier professor during add/drop week.

2. Create an online calendar

A highly organized calendar is crucial.When you’re working a part-time job, doing homework, studying for tests and trying to have a social life it is going to be hard to just remember all of your deadlines.Google taskClass task list

Many colleges will have its own online calendar and email system – some which are highly effective for organization. While the college I went to used Outlook, I found it easier to use my G-mail account (you can create an account here).

Google Calendar is easily accessible and integrated with your email. You can create separate calendars (maybe one for work, class and social). You can color code and even create task lists.

3. Do some research

Usually universities have an online community that lets you view your class roster before class starts, and depending on students’ privacy settings, you can typically see their contact information.

If you recognize a name of someone you’ve already had class with then reach out to them before class starts.

4. Create computer space for your classes

After having an extremely anal boss I learned the benefits of correctly labeling documents and organizing folders on my computer.

For easy access, create a folder on your desktop labeled “summer classes” and then create separate folders for your two classes. As the semester progresses and that cumulative final exam sneaks up (that is open book) you will be ecstatic that you organized this so well.

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