Four tips to stay healthy in college

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 5 , 2013

Woman Doing Sit-ups --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

How do you have time to be healthy when you’re working a part-time job, studying for exams, doing homework and trying to have a social life? Most college kids, especially freshmen, don’t have time to be healthy and that is why there are horrible things, such as the “freshman 15.”

Keeping up your good looks is not the only reason to stay healthy. You need to have energy to study and if all you’re eating is Fritos and chugging Budweiser then you are never going to pass college. Here is a list of tips on how to stay healthy in college.

1. Eat right

My college offered a free nutritionist for any interested students. Your school may offer the same.

If you’re school doesn’t have a nutritionist then here are some healthy eating tips.

Eat little snacks throughout the day. This is better than eating nothing all day and then binging at Pizza Hut at midnight. Eating little snacks keeps your metabolism going and keeps you away from devouring those awful carbs at night.

2. Exercise

This seems just as obvious as Tip No. 1: Eat right. Even so it is amazing how many kids ignore it.

Exercising, ladies, does not necessarily mean running 10 miles on the treadmill. It is actually more beneficial to throw weights into the mix. Lifting weights takes less time than cardio and burns more calories.

If you are lifting weights then it is vital that you eat healthy because you don’t want to be adding all this muscle that is just going to be hiding under fat.

3.  Walk to class

I had a friend who lived on campus and would drive to class even though she would have to leave an hour early to find a parking space. The crazy thing is she would gather a whole group of girls to ride out with her. Now, not only is she losing some much needed cardio, she is also getting her friends to miss their much needed cardio.

Walk to class. Trust me, the calories saved will add up.

4. Stay hydrated

One way I lost a lot of weight was by cutting out the soda and replacing it with water. The high amount of sodium in soda causes you to bloat, which makes your clothes tighter and your life more uncomfortable.

I understand only drinking water can be impossible, especially in college when you need all the caffeine you can drink. Just make sure when you aren’t drinking water that you drink beverages, such as Coke Zero or “Skinny Vanilla Lattes” from Starbucks.

Do you have any healthy eating tips for those of us in college? Tell us in your comments below.