Four types of apps every college student needs

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 12 , 2013


Apps can really help you in college, but only if you use them of course. Here is a list of the four types of apps every college student needs to use to make his or her life easier.


There are all types of financial apps – from budgeting to daily deal apps – which you can really benefit from in college.

You may not have a job or only a part-time job. Whatever the case you have some type of cash flow because you’re living on your own at college. Now is the perfect time to learn how to budget the little money you do have coming in so you know how to balance your checkbook when you’re making the big bucks.

Also, it’s always good to download coupon apps. There is a daily deal app for everything. Want a pedicure? There’s a deal for that. Need something at Publix? There’s a deal for that too. So spend wisely.


College is a balancing act. You need to balance school, work and having a social life. How are you going to do that? With productivity apps of course.

I prefer to utilize apps that help me with my time management. I use everything from calendaring apps to to-do lists to help me keep school, work and my social life in check.


Evernote does seem to be the popular note-taking app, but I prefer Microsoft OneNote. OneNote has awesome templates and syncs with your computer and the cloud so you never lose your work. You can also download OneNote  on your phone, which is awesome.


I love nerdy apps, such as Dictionary, Thesaurus and flash card apps. Let’s say you need to study on the go for an exam you have in an hour or you need to write a paper ASAP. These apps can save you from writing an awful paper or from failing a test.

What is your favorite type of app? Tell us in your comments below.