Four ways your college classes will differ from high school classes

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 29 , 2013

college vs high-school

My brother’s girlfriend is getting ready to go to college in a few weeks. She is ecstatic because she knows college is extremely different from high school. Her parents won’t be around to tell her to clean her room or do her homework (or do her laundry and give her money all the time). She will be living with someone who isn’t part of her family, but hopefully will become part of hers after a semester living together.

College sounds great right? It is but make sure you realize the differences between high school and college before you get there. Below is a list of the way the two differ.


Depending on variables such as class, major and university class sizes will vary, but required courses are typically two hundred to three hundred person classes. Learning in this class scale can be difficult so make sure you find a study buddy. Try to sit in the same seat every time you go to class so you can make friends with the person sitting next to you.


The only required supplies in college are the textbooks. You decide which notebook to purchase and whether you want to type notes on your computer or take them the traditional way with pen and paper.

I suggest taking notes with pen and paper because you will get easily side tracked by Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest if you bring your computer.


Textbooks in college are pricey. Try to buy the books from a former student or on Amazon. It can save you loads of money.


Teachers are now called professors in college. Be respectful. Let them know who you are. Introduce yourself. They have hundreds or thousands of students so the ones that stand out will do better.

How do you think college will differ from high school? Tell us in your comments below.