Halloween Horror Stories: For Adults Only

Posted by on Oct 31, 2013

Halloween Horror Stories: For Adults Only

Thanks to CollegeHumor, this list of sarcastic and sardonic scary stories is available for us to read, enjoy and try not to have nightmares about. As adults. It’s amazing what nightmares haunt the hardworking when we realize Freddy Kreuger is the least of our worries…

Here is an excerpt from one of these spooky tales:

Once there was a man in his fifth year as an accountant. One morning the man went to fax some documents (even though it was 2013, and who the hell still faxes?) when he saw the Grim Reaper… Death himself! As the man stood there, Death beckoned to him…”

So when you’re getting homework done (through us or on your own), remember: a dull job CAN bore you to death! Boo!

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