Here’s How To Cheat An Online Test

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 20 , 2016

It is not uncommon for online students to sit up late every night completing their assignments and studying for tests. But if you are pressed for time, or too tired to bother studying, here are ways to cheat on a test:


The Google Doc Method:

Students form a group to create a shared Google Doc. The first student enters the questions from the test. Students following him/her refer to that material to get the right answer. Then they can add to the list. Soon enough, there’s a question bank for everyone to refer. Naturally, the first person to take the test will have scored less. But most online courses allow students to take the test twice with the average of the two being calculated for grades. Thus the first student to go will have a chance to take it again, this time with the right answers.

Using An Extra Computer:

Most online courses disable your system from enabling a browser. All you have to do is bring another computer into the room and look for the answers on that one.

Handing In Someone Else’s Assignment:

This has to be one of the dumbest ways to cheat on a test. And the consequences are severe. Students who are openly caught copying an essay are often suspended. Of course, you can quote an idea or a sentence – but these will have to be referenced and cited per the university’s guidelines. To avoid the situation of suspension, you should know how to become a better writer?

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