Here’s How to Confront Your Fear of Math

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 18 , 2016

Colleges and universities probably don’t realize just how afraid some students are of Math. This might be because they don’t want to confront the fact that their teachers are not expressing the subject well. Because students dislike the subject so much, many wonder how to cheat on a Math test.


Scientists at Stanford University scanned the brains of 30 children using functional and structural MRI and found that these kids were actually afraid of the test. Their brain viewed Math as a threat. Fortunately, there is help. If you know someone who fears Math and is constantly wondering how to cheat on a Math test, here’s how you can help them:

One on one assistance:

Research has proved that when students are helped by experts, their anxiety diminishes. They can face their fears with a trustworthy person.

Dispel the myths of the subject:

It’s a common misconception that Math is the sole indicator of intelligence. Students who can’t do the work might feel dumb, but they shouldn’t. Confronting things like this will help students get back on track.

Be persistent:

For the student who wants to be an astronaut, being bad at Math might get in the way of his or her dream. Get extra help, seek a tutor, but don’t give up.

Take an online course:

Online Math classes have been a blessing for people who have feared being shamed for not understanding Math. And to help you cope with the work, we’ll help! Call us if you are wondering how to cheat on a Math test. We will help you get an A or B, guaranteed.