How Brainstorming Helps Me Write My Online Essay

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Jeff Black On Oct 16 , 2018

Brainstorming Tips To Write My Online Essay

Online students are routinely assigned creative, argumentative, and research essays during the course of their online classes. Some students excel in these assignments; they may not be the best test-takers, but when it comes to writing essays, they feel confident and prepared. However, there are a lot of online students who don’t feel this way. In fact, it may be that the majority of students have trouble writing a paper that’s going to get them the grade they need.

Why is this? Is the act of writing an essay inherently more challenging than taking a test? Many students say that for a test, all the information is right there in front of you, and to succeed, you just have to accurately choose between a few possible answers. But when it comes to essays, it is expected that students come up with their own information and from it craft an informed, substantial argument or thesis.

This is what so many students struggle with. Online students don’t have a lot of time to plan the perfect essay; their schedules are often loaded with part-time or full-time work, family responsibilities, competitive athletics, or more. They have just a limited window to complete their academic work, and with essays, that window feels even more limited.

They say, “I would write my online essay if the process was just a little bit easier.”

What these students need to learn is how to effectively brainstorm.

Breaking Down Brainstorming

Most of us learned to brainstorm in group environments. That’s how it is taught in school. Students gather together in a group, and one by one they each contribute ideas until they find the topic of their project. It is easy work when the classwork isn’t difficult. But as we get older and are tasked with more difficult assignments, like those we find in college, brainstorming becomes more difficult.

Often, students have to develop their own content, with no help from their peers. While it is possible to seek essay writing help online, with the proper steps, that may not be necessary just yet. The process can be simplified if we approach it methodically.

Begin Early

The last thing you want to do if you have a big essay coming up is prepare too late. Limiting your preparation process is going to hinder the writing process, and then you’re in big trouble. Allow yourself time to think and to be creative. You don’t want to have the deadline looming overhead as soon as you start. You want that to be far off on the horizon, so that you can sail to it with ease.

Define Your Space

When it comes to brainstorming, just as with any other time-consuming assignment, you will want to develop a clean and organized space where you can work without distractions. Don’t hang out in your living room with the television on, or lounge in bed where more likely than not you’re going to fall asleep. Carve out a space for yourself in a library or coffee shop, settle in with some focus-enhancing music, and enclose yourself within the world of this assignment. You want to develop an ecosystem that is conducive to healthy, patient thinking. You don’t want to have your friends or children tapping you on the shoulder. You want to give your attention a clear avenue forward.


Freewriting is a great brainstorming method because it is stress-free. You’re not giving yourself any parameters to come up with ideas for the assignment; you’re allowing all information and ideas within your head to come out naturally. Give yourself anywhere from ten to twenty minutes to jot down any and all reactions your mind has to the given assignment. If your professor has handed out a prompt, that will make it easier; let your mind decompress and wander freely down the proverbial road before it. Don’t pull any thoughts back because you suspect they may not appropriately relate to the assignment. While that might end up being true, this is a judgement-free period. Freewriting means feeling free to put anything forward.

When the time period is up, review everything that you wrote. Highlight phrases or passages that you think you can expound upon in more detail. If some ideas on the page don’t open themselves to you, cross them out. The idea here in freewriting is to locate doorways to bigger spaces that you will fill in later.


For a number of students, it is not just brainstorming that causes difficulty, but writing itself. For these students, it is fine idea to dictate their thoughts instead of actually typing them out. As many of us are more accustomed to speaking than we are writing, recording thoughts with a handheld or computer microphone will more quickly produce detailed ideas and information. There are even automated programs that will produce in text what you have recorded by voice. If you struggle with the mechanics of writing, you don’t need to feel ashamed. Use the tools at your disposal to get your mind moving. If you do some research online, you will find that many published authors actually dictated their work instead of writing it out!


Using diagrams is a great way to produce information in an organized fashion. If you have to write a compare and contrast essay, the best one to use is a Venn Diagram. It may seem elementary, but it actually works. Draw two overlapping circles and fill in information that is unique to each side, and then fill in what is common between both. Oftentimes, just presenting information to ourselves in a clean, organized way allows us to de-stress and think about our task more clearly.

There are many other diagrams you can utilize to help you write your online essay. Drawing multiple boxes side by side and labeling them from most relevant to least relevant will help you understand what bits of information have to be prioritized in the essay. It will also make apparent what information you will use to complement or supplement the more important points. There is really no limit when it comes to what kind of diagrams you can use. Be creative and come up with new ones that you haven’t seen before. As long as the diagram declutters your mind and helps you see your assignment more distinctly, you’re on the right path.


If you look up essay writing help online, you are sure to find some pieces written about word and idea association. The reason is, it is an extremely helpful method for developing novel ideas and angles for assignments. If you have already attempted a freewriting exercise, then in all likelihood you have already utilized idea association. To start, write down one word or idea that is central to theme of the paper. The very next word or idea that pops into your head, write it down. Then do it again. And again. And again. Repeat this process until you’ve run clean out of ideas. Then start a new column and try it another time. In essence, this is another freewriting exercise, but it is more linear and results in a page that resembles a diagram. When you have finished, look over the page and find ideas that link together well and between them might even form an argument. Link those ideas with another two. You’ll find that this is a great brain mapping exercise.


If you have successfully attempted one or more of these brainstorming activities, then you should have enough information at hand to begin organizing it within the framework of an essay. List out three categories: introduction, body, and conclusion. Divide the body category into two or three subcategories. Under each category, start slotting in information that you have generated from the brainstorming activities. If you can, place each piece of information in order, so that when it comes time to writing, everything is already laid out. If there are gaps in some places, that’s fine. It is easier to fill in a few blank spaces when you already have a decent bulk of information.


Once you have gone through this process one or two times, it is time to reflect and see where you can improve. “Have I prepared well enough to write my online essay?” It’s natural for online students to face difficulties with their writing assignments; after all, professors intend for their classwork to be challenging. That said, if you have exhausted these brainstorming techniques without producing valuable ideas or information, or if you truly do not have the time to implement these techniques, there is still another option.

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