How Does Online Students Interaction Differ From Traditional Classes

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 9 , 2016


Online learning is convenient and flexible; hence, many students take up online learning. But how many can complete a course successfully? The answer is “not all.” Online education is perfect for self-motivated and disciplined. And that’s probably why so many of them quit midway.

Traditional Education

Traditional education is good for extroverts and technologically impaired. The face-to-face communication in regular classes will bring an immediate response or instant feedback during discussions. It enhances motivation, team spirit, confidence, and most importantly, it creates a bond of trust between people in a way that e-communication simply cannot.

Students also get quick support from professors and lecturers. Also, a professor can interact and teach by moving around the classroom in real-time.

In online classes

In online classes, student and instructor interactions are text-based, and the learning environment is independent of location. They use chats, forums, and other online discussion media to build community. Students have to wait for email answers to their questions. They also wait for a response from their peers (or instructor) at forum discussions and live chat. In e-learning, the communication takes place by writing and not by face-to-face so that it is a perfect platform for introverts.

Unlike traditional courses, one–on–one engagement isn’t possible in an online course. Students can focus on video lectures without any classroom distractions.

Online Classes only offer electronic communication, whereas traditional students gain support and personal relationship with their professors. Unlike traditional students, online students earn professional skills together with independent learning, initiative, writing, and time management skills. They have also experienced with multiple types of online software.

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