How Experiential Learning Can Influence Your Career

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 28 , 2017


Experiential learning helps students participating in internships, R&D team, and project based assignments. It enables students to develop their professional skills and apply what they have learned to solve real life situations.

What Is an Experiential Learning?

Learning by doing is experiential learning. You learn something effectively when you are allowed to experiment with it. It is about applying ideas to real life situations. For example, you learn a new foreign language, let’s say French in your American classroom. This learning involves speaking with real French speakers to understand slangs and idioms, rather than memorize words and their meanings.

Benefits of Experiential Learning Taught At Colleges:

Universities offer hands-on learning to students. Experiential learning boosts participation in internship and other competitive educational programs. Students also take part in educational clubs and discussion boards.

Advantages Of Experiential Learning For A Successful Career:

• Discover Your Interest:

Experiential learning helps a student understand his likes and dislikes. You may be good in biology, but do you want to be a doctor? An internship program can help you to decide your career. Is your interest in computer programming codes suitable for software companies? A summer externship or internship program can help you find what is best for you. These programs not only help you to find new interests but also develop your strengths and talents beyond your comfort zone.

• Experiment Your Ideas:

The hands-on learning experience provides students to perform tasks based on what they learn. This is a better way to take risks and learn from failures. By this practice, students are motivated to solve any situations happening in the real world.

• Learn To Apply:

You should know exactly when and where to implement the skills gained while performing a task. You also get to impress employers with problem-solving skills and applying concepts to real life situations.

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