Most Common Mistakes Made During Online Classes & How To Avoid Them

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 23 , 2019

Online learning often allows for increased flexibility and makes students feel in control of their studies. However, what comes along with this sense of freedom is an even stronger sense of responsibility. The following online class mistakes are common but can be avoided once they are identified:


A Lack of Foundational and Technical Knowledge


One major mistake made during online courses is simply that students don’t understand the essential material of the class. Before you engage in any online class, make sure this is the right course for you. 

If you discover that you lack these basic skills, it is important to own up to it and find a way to improve. Are you proficient with online etiquette, typing, sending out emails (in a professional manner), and understanding web forums? Do you know how to conduct online research? You should never assume you know something before putting it into practice. Instead, see this as an opportunity to learn! There are online classes which cover this basic information.


What is Your Learning Style?

It would be fatal to commit to online education without considering if your style of learning is compatible with the platform. Get familiar with the different online learning styles, and see how they can either intensify or diminish your efforts. Knowing yourself helps in so many ways! The more you know yourself, the more comfortable you’ll feel moving forward with your studies. Not to mention, with online classes, you will meet people whose learning styles may complement your own.

Working on Your Own, Without Feedback

Online education can often make you feel lonely and create a bubble effect. The solution comes with a lot of practice and development of positive habits. Engage with your peers through the forums created on your class portal, and genuinely ask for help if you are feeling disenchanted with the material, or are generally lost in the class.

If you can, work from places that brighten your day and make you feel good about learning.  


Not Working in a Proper Study Environment

Each person works best under different conditions. The flexibility of online learning means that students can study from anywhere. You should analyze the area in which you’re planning to work before you sit down to start working. Is it quiet? Does it have good lighting? Are you 100% sure there is an internet connection?

Make sure that if you study in your own home that things are clean before you start working. It is easy to fall into our home-selves, which are generally lazy and unproductive. It is not always the case that you can study from home in your underwear, and especially not the case when you’re taking a class that affects your future. 


Assuming You Can Juggle Things Without Help

This is a common mistake for those with ‘Type A Personalities’ who simply assume that they can do it all. Because online learning already has the potential to create communication barriers, it is easy to bury your struggles or attempt to do everything by yourself. You might even have access to online class help or essay writing help, but don’t make use of the services because you’ve become accustomed to feeling responsible for all of the work. Don’t fall into this trap. There is help everywhere, in your class and online.


These common mistakes are just some of the main reasons people end up dropping out of their classes. Acknowledging that you have one or more of these characteristics will go a long way in making sure that you’re prepared to succeed in whatever on class you choose to enroll in.