How To Be More Productive This Year

Posted by
Jeff Black On Apr 2 , 2018

Tips For A New Semester

Here are five tips for starting your semester more productively.

Try Using a Habit Tracking App:

There are a ton of apps out there. The Habitica app can track your habits and turn them into an RPG-like game where you build your character. There are also other options like Momentum and Today, which are both on iOS, and Loop, which is Android exclusive. These apps are known to motivate students to be more productive because they frame it in a new, fun, and measurable way.

Automate Routine Tasks:

Find ways to become more efficient so that your time is not taken up with needless activities. For example, set your credit card to auto-pay so that you don’t waste time logging in and paying it manually. Consider doing things like this for any number of tasks which require attention.

Remove Unnecessary Apps From Your Phone:

Uninstall or block apps that you don’t need or use frequently. Use ad blocker settings on your phone and disable sites that pop-up. Restricting access to social media apps helps you focus on tasks at hand.

Replace Browsing Time with Reading:

When you’re free and have nothing to do, replace time-draining activities like video games with productive activities like reading. This is how your mind grows!

Establish Online Presence:

If you are good at something, learn to monetize it. Create a profile on freelancer sites and market your talents. And if you are too busy to manage this while in school, hire online class help tutors to complete your online assignments and projects. Call us and ask – ‘Can you take my online class for me?’

We hope these tips will help you to become a more productive, successful student.