How To Become A Better Writer?

Posted by
Jeff Black On Feb 7 , 2018

A Better Writer

Writing is a useful and important skill. With a little practice and knowledge, you can easily improve your writing skills. Here are five effective ways to develop the right writing habits:

Choose A Productive Setting

How many times have you been in a socially distracting environment that really made it difficult for you to concentrate on the task at hand? It’s impossible to focus when you’re sitting in a room full of people watching Sunday night football on TV, or when your roommates are busy playing video games. Some may choose the university library while others go to their dorm. Choose a place that’s comfortable and not too distracting.

Make A Plan

Not even the best writers complete their work in one day. If a 2000 word essay must be completed in two weeks, try writing 200 words per day so that you can complete the article on time. This is, in fact, productive procrastinating at its best! It is indeed difficult to create high-quality academic writing when you have to cram all of your work into a couple of hours. Break down your assignment into manageable tasks so that you can complete them before the deadline.

Academic writing isn’t only about typing paragraph after paragraph on your laptop. You will have to plan time to gather resources and research materials, create an outline, and write rough drafts to make sure the final document is error-free.

Set Realistic Goals

Part of making a plan involves citing what you can accomplish every time you sit down to write. Scheduling is a skill that requires practice and a good understanding of your abilities. For example, do not try and complete an assignment in 30 minutes when you know it could take around 2 – 3 hours. Set block goals that are attainable.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Academic writing may sometimes seems overly formulaic. One way to develop an interest in the writing process is to improve your knowledge of words. English has more words than other comparable languages in the world. Use a quality dictionary and make sure what you write is exactly what you mean.

Share Your Work

Ask a peer to read your work and offer an honest opinion. If that isn’t an option, then search for online help writing service where you can submit your work for suggestions.

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