How To Bounce Back From College Rejection?

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 21 , 2017

Did your dream college reject you? When everyone around you is receiving acceptance letters from their favorite college, it’s hard not to feel worthless. Here’s how to pull yourself through the situation:


So what if you couldn’t get into your favorite college, there are plenty of good colleges out there! The right attitude and determination can help you succeed in life.


Once you understand that you can still be successful, the next stage is recognition. There are millions of students going through the same struggle right now. Stop complaining about yourself because you can’t change the past; learn to accept failures.

Move Forward:

When you understand facts and learn to accept your current state, the last important step is to move forward. People give up on their dreams easily because they’re afraid of failures. So get yourself up and keep going to the next game.

You can achieve your dreams through hard work and a positive attitude; not by dwelling in the past. Consider this experience as being served on a tennis match – every time the ball is in your court, it is up to you how you play the shot! Feeling desperate about things that you cannot change can do no good. Use your failure to motivate yourself.

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