How To Complete Your Homework On Time

Posted by
Jeff Black On Sep 1 , 2017


Parkinson’s Law clearly explains why we never manage to complete things on time. The law states that ‘work expands, so as to fill the time available for its completion.’ With just a few changes to your attitude, you can get almost anything done on time. Here are eight stages to use Parkinson’s Law to stay away from stress:

Prepare A List:

This list should include everything that must be done before you sleep. Include everything from re-reading notes to working on your essay.

Calculate The Required Time For Each Assignment:

If you think a task is likely to be completed in thirty minutes, try and complete it in 25! Take five minutes off the schedule to help you learn time optimization.

Prepare Ahead:

Gather all the things you will require to complete your homework (like your course books, laptop, text notes, papers and drawing apparatus). This ensures that you do not waste time while studying.


Notification and message alerts on your phone can make it difficult for you to focus. Turn off your smartphone and tablet, or place them in another room until you take a break.

Analyze Your Time Sheet:

Notice the amount of time you really take to complete a task. It will enable you to self-evaluate and make a better plan for your next study session.

Stay Focused:

Practice mindfulness to ensure that you stay focused while studying. There are several self-help books and websites that help teach mindfulness.

Take A Lot Of Breaks:

Schedule a break between sessions to keep your mind and body rejuvenated. This will help you to refocus on the task.

Reward Yourself:

If you have managed to complete your tasks on time, give yourself a quick pat on the back! Reward your efforts by catching up on social media or by watching your favorite TV series.

The more you make use of these tips, the easier it is to complete assignments on time. You can also contact Online Class Help service to ask – “can I pay someone to do my homework?”