How to Create A Perfect Schedule For Your Online Class

Posted by
Jeff Black On Mar 7 , 2017


Signing up for online classes with a schedule that suits your priorities is important. We suggest you create a reasonable study schedule. It also helps when you determine your learning purpose and develop a plan that helps you achieve those goals.

Here are some tips to create a personalized schedule

1. Analyze

Find how much time you spend on work, to commute, and with family. This can help you decide on the time you can devote to studying.

2. Create a Schedule

Write down the weekly assignment due dates and check off once you complete them.

3. Alter Study Schedules

If you are preparing for a midterm, change your schedule two weeks before the exam to study effectively. When you don’t have an upcoming exam, make use of your study time to focus on the next lecture. You need to tailor your schedule depending on your goals and needs.

4. Schedule Breaks

When you are studying, take at least a 10-minute break in order to prevent feeling overwhelmed. If you learn for five hours straight with no break, you are sure to be discouraged and tempted to give up.

5. Stick to Your Schedule

Never skip a study time even if you need to prepare a presentation at work. Keeping a regular schedule will help prevent procrastination.

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