How To Find The Right College

Posted by
Jeff Black On Aug 16 , 2017


Finding a college that fits for you is very important for academic success. When you pick the right college, everything else will fall into place, including your possibilities of finding financial aid.

Choose What You Want

Ask yourself what is important to you; where you need to be and who you want to become. When you know these answers, look for universities that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Here are a few perspectives to consider:

• College size and brand

• Location

• Academics and majors

• Type of colleges – two year or a four year college

• Residential or commuter campus

• Cost, affordability and financial aid

• Sports and activities

• Campus community and student life

Which of these factors would you list for being comfortable attending a college?

Likewise, consider why you need to finish the degree. Would you like to prepare for a particular job or get an advanced education? Look for colleges offering a well-designed course path that include opportunities to learn and provide you with a future.

Open Your Mind

Consider your options about what will work for you. For instance, you may not believe that a large college is right for you, but that could end up being the best thing that happened to you! Talk to your guardians, educators, relatives, companions and your school counselor about your objectives and get suggestions from them. Try not to limit your search. Towards the beginning, you may reject universities since you imagine that they are too costly, making it impossible to get into, yet this may not be the truth. Keep in mind that financial aid can make colleges affordable.

Get Your Work Done

When you have listed your favorite colleges, it’s time for research. Read college manuals and the university’s website. Speak with college counselors and read college journals and student blogs. Reach out to the admission authorities, or request the college to allow you to speak to students. You can also visit the college campus and make use of their virtual tours. Do what you can to seek as much information as you can about the college.

How and Where To Search?

While searching for schools on the web, try to be very particular about your search (for instance, “suburban liberal arts college” or “universities with science majors in the Northeast”. Here are a few online college search tools:

• Big Future by the College Board

• Peterson’s

• My College Options

• The Princeton Review

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