How To Get Things Done When You’re Short On Time & Energy

Posted by
Jeff Black On Apr 27 , 2017

Whether you are interested in an individual course, or plan on earning a degree, there’s an online option that will work for you. Millions of students sign up for online courses every year. Not more than a few thousand manage to complete it. No matter how great the initial enthusiasm, the excitement often dies out in a few weeks when students are forced to face the reality of online learning. If you’re stressed trying to balance work and studies, and are planning to quit, here’s how to get things done:

Allow more time than you think you need for tasks:

How many times have we involuntarily used phrases like, ‘it takes only a minute,’ or ‘give me a second’? We know it takes more than a minute or a second to get that task done. Allowing more time for tasks provides a buffer so that you have enough time to complete the task. As a simple rule, allow more time when doing something for the first time – they’ll always take longer than you think. Give yourself enough time when doing creative tasks.


Figure out tasks that only you can do. For example, only you can listen to the video lecture. Only you can do certain projects at work. But the other things can be delegated to competent people. If you have to choose between taking a test and writing an essay, choose one and hire an online class help tutor to manage the other task.

Remind yourself to look at the big picture:

Why have you taken up online learning? Are you on your way to fulfilling a lifelong dream? Will the course help you get a better job? Think about the why and the how when you’re stressed or facing a challenge. Tying an action to a greater meaning or purpose helps you see things in a new light.

Follow a routine:

Having to make decisions stresses us out more than actually getting things done. Limit the number of decisions you need to take every day by following a routine. If there’s something that you need to do every day, do it at the same time every day. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama wear the same thing every day – it helps them keep their mind clear of mundane decision making and focus on what’s really important.