How To Get Your First Job?

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 19 , 2017

How to set yourself up for a high paid, challenging job? A study by Glassdoor, the online employer-review company listed pharmacists, solutions architects, data scientists, and software engineers among the top earners. If you are planning to find your first real job, read the blog to know how to land one:

1. Self-awareness:

Learn about your talents, strengths as well as weaknesses. With the help of a professional counselor, take a career assessment test that evaluates your personal attributes and provides a favorable professional path. Identifying your core talents and skills can enable you to pick careers that suit your interests. Knowing yourself better can help you find stellar opportunities and keep you on track.

2. Career Exploration:

Research jobs that interest you and look for roles and responsibilities associated with the industry. There’s a lot of information available online; we encourage you to talk to your senior students who are likely to know more about the profession. Identifying those careers that match your personality and interests will enable you to make better decisions about your first job.

3. Career Planning:

After researching all the possibilities, the third step is to have a professional objective considering all your interests and capabilities. It doesn’t have to be your dream job that you may have to continue for the rest of your life. It could be a good start for a great professional career, though!

4. Education Plus Training:

The fourth step is to design a 10-year plan. It should include your career goal, the education and training you’ll need, and the actionable steps. This can help you pursue an internship, select a major and seek employment. Always have plan B ready, just in case, if you need alternatives.

We suggest developing strong adapting skills and learning how to work in groups. It’s essential to handle life’s toughest obstacles by developing mental toughness when you’re working towards your goal. The academic knowledge, career awareness, and technical skills you gain during high school will help you in every stage of life. And that’s how you position yourself for a successful career. Concentrate on acquiring academic skills and knowledge, life skills, employability skills and technical skills while you work through these four steps. Be consistent and aim to satisfy your maximum potential and bring passion to whatever you do.

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