How to graduate in four years

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 23 , 2013


Why wouldn’t you want to stretch college out for an extra year or so? I know plenty of people who did it, but I can tell you it’s not worth it. Why?

  1. You accrue more debt
  2. You put off starting your life
  3. You’re that creepy old kid at the bar

Those are just some of the reasons not to spend more than four years in college. How do you graduate in four years though? It seems impossible.

Fortunately, it isn’t. Here is your four year game plan.

Freshman year

I am not going to lie. Freshman year is all about fun, but it is also a great time to prepare for the rest of your college career. Get adjusted to college life. Take your pre-requisite classes. Enjoy your freedom. But also think about what you like to do, what you’re getting good grades in and where you would like to intern next year.

Sophomore year

Sophomore year is the year of the internship. This is the time to start buckling down and gaining experience that will spice up your resume. Additionally, it is the time to discover your passion. What do you love to do?

When I did my first internship sophomore year, I discovered I loved marketing more than I loved my major in journalism. Now, that is what I do full-time.

Junior year

Junior year is the year to get an even better internship that is paid. Yes, paid is important at this point. .

Senior year

At soon as senior year commences begin looking for a job. They say you need one year to find a job in this economy so give yourself an ample amount of time. Get your resume, cover letter and portfolio checked by Career Services as well.