How To Manage Time And Get Things Done

Posted by
Jeff Black On Apr 27 , 2017

Managing your time to get a ton of workload done is the key to complete your online course. If you’re struggling to complete assignments or work-related deadlines on time, here are a few tips to help you:

Keep a planner:

This is the most obvious tip, but also one that’s very useful. Allot time for all your tasks. But be specific or flexible as needed. Allow more time than you think you need, especially when you’re starting a new task. Use a combination of physical and digital to-do lists. Your assignment time, study time, research time, etc. could be on the digital planner, while things like picking up groceries, walking the dog, etc. should be on the physical list.


Make a list of things that are important to you and assign tasks aligned to your goal. The way you spend time should reflect the things you want from life. For example, if your aim is to get through online school with good grades, you should set aside a few hours every day for studies. For some, this could be two hours, and for others, it could mean more than that. When making a schedule, block your time first for the most important things in your life.


You don’t have to do everything that’s do be done. Make a list of things that only you can do. For example, only you can spend time with your child or parents. Only you can complete certain projects at work. The rest can be delegated according to priority. It’s important to complete your assignments, but you do not have to do all of them personally. You can write the essay, but hire an online class help tutor to manage the citations and references.

Use your free time wisely:

Even on a busy day, you may find some free time – make sure that you use this time wisely. Keep a list of productive things you can do when you’re free. Divide the to-do list based on the time that you get. For example, if you have 30 minutes free, include things like completing your reading assignment, preparing for the quiz, doing dishes, or preparing for tomorrow’s lunch.