How to Motivate Yourself and Earn Better Grades

Posted by
Jeff Black On Mar 29 , 2018

Earn Better Grades

Managing work and academics isn’t easy. Everything can pile up quickly and catch you off guard. If you’re tired and close to giving up, here’s how you can motivate yourself:

Understand the different factors that affect motivation:

Motivation is the biggest variable for getting things done on time. You may not want to study, yet you have to force yourself to do so. Motivation keeps us from surrendering to pleasure-driven impulses that do not reward us in the long run.

Rewards and Consequences:

The best way to motivate yourself is to create a system that rewards performance. If you do something well, take yourself out to lunch. If you do something poorly, skip dinner and continue working.

There are also apps you can use to help you from becoming distracted. Apps like StayFocused block websites that you shouldn’t browse while doing your homework.

However, there are always occasions when motivation fails. You put forth your best effort, and still you don’t do well. This is just how the world works. And then there are days when you’ll feel like staying in the bed and do nothing but watch Netflix. You’re only human. Try to be prepared for these days and come up with a plan to prevent yourself from falling off track.

Be sure to ask yourself if you have actually done all that’s in your power to motivate yourself. When you tell yourself that you aren’t motivated enough to do your work, are you being honest or are you just copping out? If this is the case, consider hiring online class help tutors to complete your academic coursework for you. These professionals can ace all your assignments and tests and give you back the sense of confidence you need in order to be successful.