Online Degree Programs: How to Pick a Program that Pays You Back

Posted by
Jeff Black On Aug 26 , 2013

Choosing to earn your degree online is a big decision. What’s even bigger is choosing which program to enroll in. With hundreds of schools offering a wide variety of majors and programs, it can be overwhelming to choose one. The good news is, it’s not impossible, andwe can help you decide on the right program for your future. We put together a checklist to help you narrow down your options and make a good decision.

1. Accreditation:

The first step in choosing a degree program is to research the program to be sure it is accredited and accepted by other schools and potential employers. A basic search on any search engine will provide a list of accredited online schools. This step is key to your future success, so be sure to do your research. A wrong decision that could cost you thousands of dollars.

2. Teaching Methods:

Next, research what platforms the particular school of interest utilizes. Do they offer video chat sessions? Are tests and quizzes taken in person or at a lab? Do you need certain technology to gain access to classes? Make sure you answer all of these questions before taking the plunge.

3. Check in with the Alumni

Most importantly, try to speak with graduates of that particular school or program. How did they like it? Did they feel like their money was well-spent? Do they feel like their money could have gone to a better cause?

The last thing you want is to invest your money in a degree that wastes your valuable time and money. Do a background check on the institutions you’re considering via these three steps, and save yourself in the long run.


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