How to Seek Help Effectively in an Online Course

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Jeff Black On Oct 14 , 2020

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Asking a question is easy in a regular class because teachers are only a few hand gestures away. But in online classes it’s different. Because there are no face-to-face interactions, reaching out for online class help can be challenging. Besides, it’s rare to get help instantly—you’ll be sending emails or in-platform text messages and waiting for professors and/or peers to reply. If you’ve enrolled in an online class and you’re looking for help so you can achieve academic success, then consult the four tips below:

a. Understand Course Requirements:

There are clearly defined standards which outline how students can seek help. They can access online college resources, contact instructors, etc. Similarly, there are rules regarding turnaround times and deadlines for sending in homework. Read these rules carefully at the start of the term and ask questions, if any, to the course’s 24/7 help desk. You can also speak to fellow students to better understand how things work in an online learning environment.

b. Stay In Touch With Peers:

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If you’re in the middle of a dilemma, peers can be a great help; after all, you’re all studying the same course material, so it’s likely you’re not the only one facing trouble. Discussion boards encourage peer-to-peer discussions, and students can use these when they want to clarify essential topics and/or issues. Discussion boards can also be used as motivators; if you’re struggling in a class, you can lean on peers for support and draw encouragement from their success.

c. Online Tutor Help:

Online course providers generally provide free tutoring to students through their sites. If this is insufficient, you can always turn to external resources, like private video streaming channels on YouTube or even Khan Academy.

d. Hire Class Help Online:

Many online students find it challenging to focus on assignments and tests, mainly because there’s a lack of structure and a lack of communication in online classes. But you can always hire online class takers to carry out small academic tasks, like completing homework, managing group projects, commenting on online discussions, and writing essays. These experts submit assignments on time, and they’ll ensure you get As and Bs.