How to Study Well in Limited Time

Posted by
Jeff Black On Apr 26 , 2018

Study Well in Limited Time

Life for online students can get busy with little time left for assignments and homework. Last minute struggles often lead to poor grades and incomplete assignments. There are five ways you can learn and retain information faster.

Teach Others

According to a study, students can speed up their learning and improve retention by teaching someone else. They tend to be better engaged with the topic as opposed to learning just to pass a test. The change in the mindset is an effective way of learning.

Use Frequent Learning Sessions

Getting into a habit of dedicating 30-50 minutes towards learning new material is also an excellent way to learn. Brief yet frequent learning sessions are much better than longer, occasional ones. A sitting less than 30 minutes isn’t enough, and if it goes beyond 50 minutes at a go, it’s too much. A 5 to 10-minute break between two sessions works for students. Alternatively, they can pay someone to take online classes and no longer worry about their assignments.

Take Notes

Even with all the advancement in technology, using a pen and paper allows for better learning and comprehension as students tend to listen more actively and also identify with the essential concepts.

Review and Retain

Another way to learn faster and retain information is by practicing distributed learning, or using the power of mental spacing. To retain information, it’s best to review the information one to two days after first studying it. Repeating the knowledge over a extended intervals sends the signal to the brain that it needs to retain the information.

Take Naps

According to a research study, downtime is crucial when it comes to retaining what’s learned, and getting sleep in between study sessions can boost your recall even after six months.

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