How to Successfully Manage a Group Project

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Jeff Black On Oct 19 , 2020

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Online courses are exciting and challenging, for they encourage individuals to explore topics in depth and at their own pace. But online learning is not for everyone; after all, it requires self-discipline, commitment, and good time management skills. Along with completing homework and essays on time, students have to focus on group assignments too, including peer projects and online discussions.

The problem with group projects is that student groups are usually randomly selected by the teacher; in other words, students who may work well together can’t because of random selection. While working with classmates you don’t know may not be the end of the world, communication can be a huge problem. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your group projects get completed, and without any headaches along the way!

Plan and Designate:

Once teams have been assigned, team members should set up a Whatsapp group chat to discuss and assign tasks. Remember to set deadlines for each task so there’s sufficient time to review everything. Encourage members to be accountable for their respective duties; this will ensure things get completed on time. You can always track progress by maintaining a shared calendar, and these are also good for determining how a project should move forward.

Maintain Communication:

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Collaboration is the key to group project success. But teamwork doesn’t happen automatically, especially in an online platform where students work remotely. Collaboration is the result of shared interests and effective communication. As was said earlier, you should create a social media group for your online class, for you can discuss topics in this with peers and professors.

Keep in Touch With the Instructor:

Stick to the instructor’s guidelines to ensure all group members follow timelines and project specifics. The instructor is supposed to guide students who’re seeking research materials, offer feedback, and support teams as they complete milestones. Ask the instructor for advice when you cannot find information about specific topics. They can also help you put study materials together so everything makes sense.

Hire Online Class Help:

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