Importance Of Self-Assessment

Posted by
Jeff Black On Mar 24 , 2017


Most of us assume that it is the duty of instructors, friends, or parents to measure how much we have learned. We fail to assess our learning. How much have I studied? Did I improve? Did I understand the concept? Employers claim that today’s graduates seem to have learned nothing at the university. This is probably because they aren’t encouraged to evaluate their skills. Instead, they are taught to memorize.

With our unique backgrounds and study habits, don’t we have the authority on our progress? Shouldn’t it be easy for us to determine our strengths and weaknesses to improve? When we assess our progress, learning becomes one fluid process. We can see where we’ve been, where we’re going, and why it may take longer to achieve one goal versus another. Also, outside feedback is necessary and useful. It boosts our motivation, but also our brain.

Why is self-assessment good for the brain? When we learn something new, we recall things that are related to that new information. In doing so, we embed the new information into the existing knowledge.

Old-fashioned teaching strategy bore students to death. But by self-assessment, performance improves enormously. And that’s why it is such a powerful tool the in the learning process. It helps us organize and recall what we’ve learned.

2 benefits of self-assessment:

1. Organizing

Give yourself the opportunity to organize the information you want. The result is stronger connections between concepts and, ultimately, better learning.

2. Guiding

Once you assess what you have or haven’t learned, you will have a much better idea of how to guide your learning.

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