Learn How to Improve Your Marks on Reading Assignments

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jun 6 , 2018

Improve Your Marks on Reading Assignments

Here’s how you can become a fast reader and improve your reading skills.

Make It Fun

Aim to read for pleasure and not just for work. This will help you enjoy reading and improve your spelling. Install the Brain Word app to improve grammar and spelling.

Improve Your Reading Speed

Our eyes fixate on each word individually and then slow down our reading speed. But our eyes can actually recognize up to five words in a single glance. To train your eyes to recognize more words, take a page and divide it lengthwise into three segments. Now use a pen or a pencil as a pointer to read each line of text by allowing your eyes to fall only in the middle of each section. As this becomes more natural, try practicing without drawing lines. Later reduce the number of fixations to two instead of three.

Tailor Your Approach

Use the skimming technique to focus only on important and relevant information. This helps you save time and energy.

Create a Word Bank

When you come across a word you don’t know, look for its meaning. This helps you understand what the author is trying to explain. Create your own mini-dictionary and write down new words that you learn along the way. You can always refer back to them, whenever needed.

Underline Key Words

Underline key points, quotes, and inspiring phrases or interesting words. This way you will remember to come back to it later.

Read Daily

Aim to read for 15 to 30 minutes a day. To make reading a habit, you need to be willing enough to practice it daily.

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