More Gain, Less Pain: Earning the Best Associate Degree Online

Posted by
Jeff Black On Oct 21 , 2013

After reading an informative article by DegreeScape, we found it important to note that 4-year education is a long-term commitment with variable results as far as career success is concerned. Ultimately, you may just be getting a degree because you want to earn more money than you can without one. Four years is a long commitment, no matter your age. Graduating in just 2 years can give you the opportunity to earn more money than many bachelors degrees, and the limited time investment really sweetens the deal when planning out your future.

What if you could do it all online? The following 5 career paths are all available online,  so you can take your classes, commute-free, and wind up with a career at the end of it. Some of these online class opportunities include:

  1. Registered Nurse Online Programs can be taken at Indiana State University and Concordia University;
  2. Web Developer Online Programs are available at Harvard’s Extension School and MOOCs;
  3. Electrical Engineering Online Degree can be earned online at Thomas Edison State College;
  4. Dental Hygienist Online Classes are available at East Tennessee State University and SUNY at Canton;
  5. Airplane Quality Control Inspector can be taken at Cowley College.

All of these careers can earn an upwards of $56,000 to as much as $137,000 annually. For more information, read the fully-detailed article at