NYAS: Fringe Benefits for Class Taking Scholarships

Posted by
Jeff Black On Oct 30 , 2013

In this new segment, we’re taking a look at the weekly weird scholarship opportunities. In NYAS, or Not Your Average Student, we will introduce a new student scholarship thats been designed to support students looking to attend accredited universities.

The Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship benefits students looking to study the (extremely) soft science of parapsychology.

Award: $3000. Not enough to cover tuition, but that will cover housing and food at most universities, or in your case, ghosthunting tools.

Deadline: August 1st, yearly.

Requirements: Your original writings on parapsychology research, also letters of reference on your experiences in the field of parapsychology.


These opportunities are good for more than just future ghosthunters – they guarantee a tiny pool of applicants (and therefore increase your odds of getting the scholarship), recognition, and finally, a disposable amount of income to cover your prerequisites in college. This may not seem like a big deal, but getting any  scholarship is a positive, and it’s free money: even if you don’t graduate with the “intended” parapsychology degree, you will not be indebted to the group.

And before you think about feeling bad for taking the rare private organization handout remember: this isn’t just good will. Companies get tax breaks and government benefits for handing out scholarships like this one.