Online Class Help Services Don’t Deserve The Bad Rap They Get

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jan 30 , 2017


Online learning programs are now more popular than ever. They’re favored by students who cannot afford traditional colleges and those planning to strengthen their work credentials. Given the rigorous format and time shortage, students often fall behind assignment schedules; sometimes quitting the program altogether. To help them continue their course, services like ours offer to complete some or all their assignments. Can you do my homework for me? We’ve lost count how many times we’ve been asked this question. But there’s another opposing view that accuses us of helping students cheat. I’ve listed two common complaints against us and why I think we’re not in the wrong:

No, we do not support plagiarism:

We hire tutors who’ve either graduated from, or are post doctoral students in prestigious universities; some are Ivy Leaguers. They’ve written thousands of essays and have access to a huge information database. It would be silly to assume that our tutors would lift content from a published essay when they can easily cite an article or research paper. In fact, students who do not have the time and energy for research end up copying content. Some of them, especially foreign students, have no idea about American academic standards. They refer incorrectly, or do not refer at all. Such students come up to us asking – can you do my homework for me?

We do not encourage laziness:

We help students who’re struggling to meet their assignment deadlines. A majority of our clients are multitasking individuals; they have kids to take care of, or work fulltime. Some have signed up for multiple courses, with assignment deadlines clashing almost every time. When things get out of hand, they ask us – ‘can you do my homework for me? They’d rather hire us for help, than drop their course.