Online Class: Procrastination Explained

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 15 , 2016


You are here because you have enrolled in an online class and about to submit an assignment within 2 days and you haven’t started yet. You may find yourself getting distracted or procrastinating.

What is procrastination?

The Oxford Dictionary describes the word ‘procrastination’ as “the action of delaying or postponing something.”

One of our clients, Daniel calls himself a serial procrastinator, “ I come back home after a tired day at work. I feel tired and stressed. I start studying at around 9 p.m., read a few sections and stop. I procrastinated my course tasks until quitting seemed a real possibility,” he says.

Why do students procrastinate?

They are more likely to procrastinate when they put pressure on themselves to accomplish certain tasks or when they find the subject is boring, difficult, or ambiguous.

Causes of Procrastination

• Fear of outcome

This is especially true for challenging courses. A fear of failure undermines motivation, concentration, and perseverance.

• Lack of focus

Do not study for the sake of it – look for opportunities to widen your horizons. Set goals that help you overcome procrastination.

How does procrastination destroy your life?

• You will lose precious time – Remember, “Lost time is never found again.” Work on assignments as early as possible.

• You won’t reach your goals – You can’t complete a course within time. You will encounter a delay in getting a degree and a job.

• You will lose your self-esteem – When you realize that you’re procrastinating, you start to doubt ‘your abilities.’ This will eat away your productivity and diminishes your confidence gradually.

Here are some strategies to manage procrastination:

• Set a goal

• Take one step at a time

• Stick to a schedule

• Break larger tasks into smaller

• Be realistic

Procrastination makes you feel weak and helpless. It robs your productivity.

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