Online Degree Myths Debunked

Posted by
Jeff Black On Aug 14 , 2013

Despite the prevalence of online degree programs, there are still a number of people doubting their legitimacy and accessibility in the real world. Before you take advice from friends or family about where to further your education, consider this: 30% of all college students take online courses. That’s nearly one third of all college students! Forget what you’ve heard about online schooling; it may be the perfect step for your education and your future. Need more convincing? You may heard the following common myths about online schooling, but we are here to set you straight.

  1. Credits From Online Schools Are Non-Transferable – Contrary to popular belief, online classes are structured very similarly to traditional college courses. Thus, nearly all online class credits are accepted by traditional schools or other online colleges.
  2. One-on-One Interaction with Your Professor is Impossible – Although you may not meet with your professor face to face, you can most definitely receive personalized attention and help for your online class through email. Most online teachers are eager to help students in any way they can and do not shun students just because they do not interact in person.
  3. There is No Student Interaction in Online Classes – Again, though you usually don’t spend time with your online class peers face to face, some online classes do promote interaction via group discussion and message boards. You can even set up study groups before quizzes and tests to help your peers succeed.

If you’re hesitant to enroll in an online school because of negative feedback you’ve heard from others, be sure to research before you make your decision. Online schooling can often be the best choice for students looking to invest in their future.